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East Grace Corp Ltd has been in the filed of plastic housewares for more than 18 years. from very beginning, client's innovative concept / inspiration will be reliased thru the efforts of R/D team. before / during / after production, we will have all procedures fulfilled strictly under our 'zero-flaw‘ standard. a mature / effective QC system guarantees the quality. we also care about ethical / legal issues, the factories were audited under critical criteria. we DO NOT deliver products only, ALSO the assistance to expand your business for mutual benefits. we know you more, we provide you more. we are here, send email to us for any enquiries / comments RIGHT NOW, we will be more than happy to get back to you asap.


    OEM / ODM drawing, moulding

  • Production

    audited factory, skilled workers

  • Quality Control

    internal /third party

  • Risk

    free except force majeure


we proudly serve for below brand names continuously, and much more...

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